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Let’s help to promote democracy together!

We need to work hard to help the world become a diverse, democratic, pluralist and borderless place
for mankind.

Democracy Pen

Democracy has become fragile and has taken considerable setbacks in recent years that we haven’t seen in generations. The emergence of authoritarian regimes around the globe is an alarming sign of this fragility. The democracy index in 2021 indicates that only 6.4 percent of the world population lives under full democracies. The number goes up to 37.1% when it comes to authoritarian regimes. This is alarming and brings urgency to work for democracy protection. The overnight fall of Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban group in August 2021 and the sudden invasion of Ukraine by Poteen are examples of the fragility of democracy.  Understanding this urgency, Democracy PEN was established to defend and support democracy in the most challenging contexts. 

Do not let the democracy's voice suffer

Our Story

Democracy PEN was established formally in December 2021 by a group of democracy activists.

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Our Values

Our values are Equity, Inclusion and Pluralism, Transparency, Accountability, Civic Participation and Rule of Law.

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Our Approach

Democracy is a universal human aspiration and an experience that is pursued and lived in different ways.